Insight 2020: Building a Learning Community

Your gift today will help Insight reach its goal of $60,000 by August 1, 2020. Funds will be used to continue developing our one-of-a-kind curriculum and expand access to our program for bright and curious students with financial need.

What is Insight?

Insight Colearning Center takes the best parts of a four year, liberal arts college experience, and calibrates it to the needs and abilities of teens so that when they complete high school they are prepared to take advantage of a college experience or, if they have a different path to adulthood, they have learned to think critically, with independence and accountability to a community, in a rich and supportive learning environment.

What do Parents say about Insight?

Last year, my 15 year old daughter participated in three Insight courses. These courses were not only academically rich; they were life-changing. The curriculum allowed the students to explore big intellectual questions and to delve into them deeply. The seminar-based pedagogy provided opportunities for them to extend their learning through both facilitated discussion and informal interactions related to topics that emerged in each session. It warmed my heart to see my teen dive enthusiastically into the reading and writing assignments each week and to come out of class "on fire" with new nuggets of information and insight after every class. The teachers' intentional cultivation of a learning community and their careful attention to each students' strengths and growing edges allowed my daughter to feel safe and secure in taking on some very complex projects that she will build on throughout the rest of her high school education.

Insight Mother