Making a Difference

The Impact of an Insight Education

Insight students don’t simply “give back” to their communities. Over the course of several years they learn to recognize the ways that they depend on their communities, as they learn in and through their participation in local and regional life. When students at Insight do community service, they don’t just pick up trash around their neighborhood. Instead, they bring the learning that they have done inside the classroom and beyond into their volunteer efforts, using research and study to ground their contributions to the local community and using the experience of those contributions to deepen their study and provoke new questions for research.

Students in Plant Sciences work to beautify their campus, learning the skills of a horticulturalist through service.

As students continue to move back and forth between research and service, they develop the skills necessary to embark on a year-long senior project that puts their learning to the test. These year-long projects, called “Insight projects,” make an enduring impact on the school and larger communities, and they are evaluated by experts for their  substance and efficacy.