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Insight Colearning Center is currently hiring part-time Instructors for the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

The mission of Insight Colearning Center is to provide a rich educational experience that includes sophisticated coursework scaffolded by individualized academic advising and embedded in a community of learners to support the social, emotional, and intellectual development of Triangle area teens. We achieve this by hiring excellent teachers who are:

  1. experts in their fields;
  2. experts in teaching;
  3. well-informed about adolescent development and how to connect with adolescents as a teacher and mentor; and
  4. committed to participating in a professional learning community with other teachers to create opportunities for and model the process of learning for understanding


Instructor Position Summary

Insight is seeking dynamic educators who are committed to the co-creation of an educational environment that combines rich interdisciplinary academic instruction, high standards, differentiated instruction, and a caring and empathetic community that is responsive to individual student needs. As a micro school, Insight is committed to the wise use of resources; we believe that teachers are our most important resource, and that will be reflected in our strategic planning and
agenda-setting, as well as in our budget and daily operations. Long term, we envision being a model school that demonstrates how investing in excellent faculty and high quality instruction leads to a healthy, thriving school and highly successful students.


Current Openings

Chemistry Instructor
Insight is seeking a part-time Chemistry Instructor who would be able to teach a semester-long course focused on Chemistry as it applies to water quality for the Spring of 2020.

To apply, please download the job description here, and submit a resume or curriculum vitae, cover letter, and three professional recommendations to christopher(at)